Gas hot water systems review

If you have a gas water heater, chances are you are very satisfied with it. People pretty much have to buy a heater according to the power source in their homes. However, if your house is capable of using gas, then consider yourself lucky. Gas hot water heater reviews are positive, and they are better in many ways. Using gas to power a hot water heater is a great alternative. It is proven that these heat the water faster and at a more efficient rate. The energy they use is a lot less and will lower your bill by about 40%.

A traditional tank is still the more common type, and a decent unit made by Bradford or Kenmore will run you about $400 for a 40-gallon tank. The only complaint about these heaters is that they seem not to keep the water hot as long as their electric counterparts. This is due to the venting systems needed on gas units.

If you are looking to go really efficient, then a tank less gas water heater is the way to go. The tank less models are designed to heat the water only as it is needed. When a faucet is turned on inside the house, the burner kicks on and heats the water passing through. These units work very well and have the capability to provide hot water for two or three showers at one time. They have a lifespan of 10-15 years and come with 12-year warranties; additionally, you can get a $1500 tax credit for purchasing these models.

Overall, gas hot water heaters are preferred. Whether the gas is already run into your home or you decide to go with propane, they do lower your utilities quite a bit and heat the water faster. They do lose heat faster as well, but it is not enough to make them less efficient than an electric unit. The reviews on gas heaters are very good, and homeowners are very pleased with the results. You can purchase a unit at your local improvement store, but it is recommended to have a professional install it; further, the gas company typically will have to light it.